The concept of providing ‘equipment-as-a-service’ may be a relatively new one in the construction industry, but at LGH, it’s how we have always operated. Unlike some companies, where the service ends with purchase or when your hire equipment is delivered, LGH provides a comprehensive service from concept to completion, not only helping you to plan your lift precisely, but also helping you to execute those plans safely and securely.

What does equipment-as-a-service mean?

The principle is simple enough. Instead of spending out significant capital expenditure to own specialist lifting equipment that you may not need very often, and don’t fully understand, you choose the operational expenditure of hiring the equipment, and get the expert assistance and understanding you need into the bargain. This not only makes more sense financially, but it also brings many additional benefits too.

Why is equipment-as-a-service important?

When you hire lifting equipment from LGH, you don’t just get hoists, jacks and lifting rigs, you get the experience of fifty years of lifting all kinds of loads in all sorts of circumstances. We live and breathe lifting, so we can often find solutions and suggest strategies that you may not have thought of, and we can adapt on the spot to any unforeseen complications. What’s more we stay abreast of all the latest advances in lifting equipment, so by hiring, you can be sure you always have the very best technology for the job, rather than being stuck with the same outdated lifting equipment if you purchase outright.

Shared expertise

Naturally, your local LGH branches will be staffed with experienced experts who will work with you to lift your loads simply and safely, whatever the circumstances, whatever the location; but that’s just the start of it. As a global company, we encourage our teams to share their knowledge and expertise between branches, and even between countries and continents, so that as an LGH customer, you get the benefit of best practice and innovative solutions from all around the world.

Do what you do best

With the full support and service of LGH behind you, you are free to do what you do best. You can concentrate on your core activities, knowing that you can trust us to lift your loads exactly how and where you need them. We are the lifting gear experts, from selecting the right lifting equipment to supervising the lift itself, which means you don’t have to be. It’s all part of the service with LGH.