Health & Safety

On site health and safety

At LGH we put safety first in everything we do to make sure that you can lift your load in the most safe and secure way possible. This not only protects your precious cargo, but also protects your team and our team on site. When working with lifting equipment, health and safety is not just a tick box exercise or something we do just to comply with the law, it is a way of life that runs through every lift, from start to finish.

Health and safety saves lives

According to RIDDOR, there were 30 fatal injuries on sites in the UK alone, in the year 2018/19. 10% of these were struck by a moving object and 14% were trapped beneath a load, illustrating the importance of staying in control at all times. The fatality rate of 1.31 deaths per 100,000 workers in a variety of sectors is three times the all-industry average. In addition, there were over 54,000 non-fatal injuries, equating to 2420 injuries per 100,000 workers. In the US, this figure rises to over 150,000 site injuries every year.

Health and safety saves money

The cost of accidents on site can be measured in more than just a tragic loss of life and limb. 28% of injuries result in an absence of 7 days or more, with a total of 2million working days lost in the UK alone, costing constructors an estimated £1.2bn. That figure could be far higher once you factor in the cost of delays in sector projects, penalties for missed deadlines and repair and replacement of damaged materials and equipment and the many other additional costs of an on-site accident.

Planning safer lifts

At LGH, we know that spending a little extra time and money on planning can save many times that amount when it comes to the actual lift. It may seem like an added cost at the time, especially when the lift goes smoothly without any issues, but without it, we know that our clients risk paying out substantially more if things go wrong. By planning so carefully for safety, we plan out problems and protect everyone and everything concerned.

Sharing our vision

With a global operation hiring out lifting equipment, LGH are faced with many different sets of rules and regulations when it comes to health and safety, but rather than see this as a negative, we use it to our advantage. Our teams are encouraged to share best practice across the business, even if such practices are not required by law in other countries of operation. By sharing safety tips and techniques between depots and countries, we are constantly working to improve our record and enhance the safety of your site.

SafeHire Accreditation

At LGH our dedication to safety and ongoing training never wavers. We were pleased to have been awarded the SafeHire Certification demonstrating our competence in safety.

If you’d like to work with a lifting company that is raising the standards for health and safety on site, talk to our team today.