Safety Equipment

Throughout our history, safety has been the first priority of LGH, and it is this superior safety record that has underpinned our success across the globe. We insist on stocking only the safest equipment, including a range of specialist safety kits, to help you put your people first every time, reducing risks and increasing productivity without compromise.

Safety should never be a second thought on site. You have both statutory obligations and a duty of care to protect your workforce, so trust the team that puts safety first with a proven record in the most demanding environments worldwide.

We keep right up to date with the very latest safety harness designs to deliver complete confidence, with a range of winches, fall arrest blocks and lifelines available to complete the system. Combine these with confined space equipment, man-riding davits and anchors and you have a portable, yet solid and safe base from which to access even the hardest to reach spots.

Where there is a risk of gas leaks or other noxious fumes, we can supply cutting edge detectors and breathing apparatus to protect your teams, allowing instant access to polluted areas for rapid repairs to get your project back on track fast.

Make safety your first priority; talk to the team with an unrivalled record and get the protection your people deserve.