Hoisting Equipment

The principle of hoisting has been around for even longer than LGH, but that doesn’t stop us from pushing the boundaries of practicality and performance. We work with the world’s leading designers and manufacturers to drive innovation, so that we can give you more power, greater precision and enhanced protection for both the operator and the materials being moved.

Hoisting equipment offers a strong, flexible solution to the lifting and moving of freely suspended heavy or bulky loads. From loading and unloading to staging and storage, from construction sites to offshore engineering projects, with LGH’s global reach, you can hire the hoisting equipment you need for any project, anywhere.

We offer a wide range of hoisting equipment for hire from all the leading manufacturers, such as JDN, Tiger, Yale and Columbus McKinnon, providing the lifting power you need in three ways:

  • Electric hoists – providing motor powered lifting in a range of circumstances
  • Manual hoists – for situations where electrical power is not readily available
  • Pneumatic hoists – for when the environment demands electric spark avoidance

LGH has the specialist expertise to customise your hoisting equipment hire to match the task at hand, with a range of below-the-hook equipment, such as C-hooks, grippers, vacuum lifters, pallet lifters, magnets and load spreading lifting beams, each designed to maximise performance and safety and minimise damage to the materials being moved.

Our expert team have decades of experience in the lifting and precise positioning of heavy loads and can work with you to configure the optimum hoisting system hire for your project.